• Do you experience aches and pains that prevent or limit you from doing what you love?

  • Are you tired of needing regular appointments to feel better and relying on someone else to fix you?

  • Do you want to feel strong, capable and confident in your body and it's abilities?

We all need a little help from time to time.

There's good reason to seek out assistance when things are bothering us, but if you are relying on regular appointments to "fix you" and keep you going, maybe it's time to consider something different... Wouldn't it be great to have some tools and resources you could use on your own and reclaim some control and autonomy over how you feel?

If you are tired of feeling the same aches and pains coming back regularly, only getting short term relief from your current practices, and want to learn how to PREVENT the symptoms rather than just managing them

If you are ready to get out of pain, move beyond (or avoid) injury and feel strong, capable and confident in your abilities, Move With Ease will help you get there.

This program is ideal if...

  • You are ready for change

    You have pain and stress showing up regularly in your life and know you aren't willing to just accept living with it.

  • You want to maintain or improve

    You want to make sure you can continue doing what you love for a long time! Staying strong and mobile is important to you.

  • You need some support

    You know that you need to take care of yourself but you recognize that you need some support, tools and guidance to actually make it happen.

Move with Ease includes:

A combination of movement therapy, mindfulness and self-care practices with education, support and accountability to keep you on track.

  • 7 private 1:1 sessions over the course of 2 months (with homework as needed)

  • The creation of a personalized program based on your individual needs and specific goals

  • A schedule designed to meet & fit your lifestyle

  • Weekly check ins and support between sessions

  • Written notes from each session for home practice

  • Access to video recordings, support materials and resources to supplement your learning

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Welcome Package for Move with Ease

    3. Return to Balance intake form

    4. Move With Ease program info

    5. Program Components

    6. Program Outcomes

    7. Roadmap for Success to Move with Ease

    1. Goal setting, Mindset & Self-Assessment

    2. Goals and Mindset - Consider your Why worksheet

    3. SMART Goals info & worksheet

    4. Self Assessment #1

    1. The benefits of breathing well

    2. Respiratory Mechanics and Movements of the Ribcage

    3. 360 degree breath

    4. 3 part breath

    5. Ratio breathing

    6. Box breathing

    1. Mindfulness practices

    2. Daily Mindfulness rituals

    3. daily self check in

    4. 7 Ways to Feel Grounded

    5. Journal reflection

    1. Self Care

    2. Self Care practices

    3. Treat yourself with Kindness

    4. Sleep Information & Sleep Hygiene

    1. Movement practices

    2. 5 Pillars of Healthy Movement

    3. 15 min morning mobility flow

    4. 30 Minute Yoga and Mindful Mobility sequence

    5. Unwind and Reset

    6. What are CARs?

    7. Hip CARs

    8. Shoulder CARs

    9. Restorative practice handout

    10. Self Myofascial Release handout

    11. Handout resources for specific body areas

    12. Resistance band sequence for building strength (Part 1) - Core, shoulders, arms and upper back.

    13. Resistance band sequence for building strength (Part 2) - Standing work and wind down

About this course

  • 51 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • 7 private 1:1 sessions
  • personalized program
  • weekly check-ins and support

Ultimately, the Move With Ease Program will help you:

  • Build the practices and schedule you can stick to

  • Give you the tools so you know HOW to do it

  • Help you create habits so you actually STICK to them

  • Provide support to help move through any road blocks

  • Empower you to make the commitment to show up for yourself


“Robyn, thank you for getting me moving again! It has been years since my car accident, but hiking, running and even doing small household tasks could still be hard for me. You started me with the basics and by the end of the summer I was jogging my favourite trail again. If I had a small setback, you coached me through it to the point where I could do the exercises on my own and recover quickly.”

~ Megan

“Robyn’s knowledge and guidance was immensely helpful in teaching me how to listen to my body and move consciously. An amazing foundation for strengthening and getting back to activity after injury. ”

~ Siobhan


Robyn Monk

Robyn Monk (CYA-YT, E-RYT-550, FRCms) is a Certified Yoga Therapist, therapeutic yoga and movement teacher, Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructor and Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist. She has completed extensive trainings in therapeutic yoga for pain management, as well as restorative, yin, hatha, flow and trauma-sensitive yoga. Inspired by anatomy, biomechanics, movement science and current pain science research, Robyn's classes blend traditional yoga with therapeutics, functional movement, gentle strength and mobility work, breath practices and mindfulness. Her aim is to help people create and build awareness within their bodies, enabling them to move well, reduce pain, and feel more ease in their daily lives.

Program pricing

** Accessibility is important to me. For those in need of some extra financial support, a sliding scale price is available. Please contact me to discuss this option.

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